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In this book’s ten short chapters I share my knowledge and insights from over 30 years of leadership coaching and consultancy services to the military and corporate sectors.

You will learn how to;

  • lead without followers
  • be a conscious leader and dig deeper than the surface
  • surround yourself with wisdom and then create your own
  • use this wisdom to influence mindset and behaviours
  • challenge your own thinking before challenging others
  • understand, own and replicate your leadership skills
  • make decisions in the right way
  • stop following your own ideas and be a leader of your actions.

This book will make you think and then draw your own conclusions, and form your own ideas and perspectives. It will enable you to create your own wisdom and take full ownership of it.

We need good leaders to create simplicity and clarity, because we humans have a tendency to make matters complicated. Leave us in peace and we will create competition, ambiguity and complexity, ultimately ending the peace. Good leaders provide clarity and simplicity.

We have made leadership into a science, I do not deny the relevance of science in leadership, but what leadership truly comes down to is being able to establish productive and mutually supportive relationships and have the courage and willingness to have the conversations you need to have.

This book to gives you my experiences and perspective on leadership, not based on science and hypotheses, but based on common-sense, humility, accountability and much more… In its most simple form, leadership is a true privilege. It can – and should – always remain simple, no matter how complicated a situation is.

Be open, be vulnerable, trust people and show humility, invest in your people, but most of all, invest in yourself to become the leader you want to be and enjoy your journey in discovering the Privilege of Leadership..


Who is it for?

This book is for all current and future leaders who wish to understand own and replicate their leadership and maximise their full personal and business potential.

In my book ‘The Privilege of Leadership’ you will discover my unique perspective on leadership and how this has developed over three decades from a black and white emerging leader to a colourful leadership coach. This book is full of important distinctions and simple solutions that will help you to fully understand, own and replicate your own leadership style.



  • Privilege
    • What the word ‘privilege truly means
    • Understanding the emotion of leadership
    • Not being in control
    • Finding the privilege
  • Commitment
    • Leadership change
    • Leaders lead and develop leaders
    • Sacrifices, losses and waste
    • Passion, discipline, decisions
  • Success(ion)
    • Shaping your workforce
    • Leading your leaders
    • Letting go

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

If you don’t love your copy of the ‘Privilege of Leadership’ book for any reason then just put it down and stop reading it! There is no cost to you whatsoever.

Having said that, I think that possibility is incredibly unlikely. Why? Because I believe what’s inside this book has the potential to completely transform your leadership. Just by investing a few hours of your time. And I know for a fact, that what you’re getting will be incredibly valuable to you no matter where you are in your organisation or leadership journey.

So if you do want to be the BEST leader you can be and reap all of the benefits, you can grab your free copy of this book right now WITH ABSOLUTELY ZERO RISK.


Frequently asked questions

Simply stop reading it! No need to send it back or try to get a refund. It’s completely FREE!

Of course! If you want to send this to a friend or colleague please go ahead. I am committed to creating more leaders and helping businesses thrive. I want as many people as possible to read this book and understand what it takes to be the most effective leaders possible.

As an independent consultant, my unique personal qualities and life experiences are my main point of difference. I do not try to teach people a new way of doing things or how to apply new methods, but help them work with what they already have. I will show you how to shift from technical delivery to business leadership so you can spend less time at work without impacting profit and still get the job done. This book is full of simple solutions to help you understand, own and replicate leadership in any organisation.

It will. I guarantee it! For most people in leadership positions, this book really opens up the door to new possibilities. But even if you only discover and implement one or two new pieces of information or perspectives it will still make a significant difference in your leadership skills and results.

Absolutely! Because if you are downloading and reading this book then you are exactly the kind of person I’d like to work with. So you can expect a few emails containing useful hints and tips over the next couple of weeks. Any emails I send to you will be written to add significant value to you and to assist you in becoming the best leader possible. And if you don’t want to receive my emails anymore, that’s totally fine. You can unsubscribe at any time and you won’t hear from me again.

Because I’m 100% committed to creating better leaders and I believe in paying it forward. Once you read this book you will get to know me a bit better and understand my personal journey and you’ll see for yourself how I can add value to you and your business. From there I hope you will reach out and contact me for a free consultation to see what else I can do to help you transform your leadership and your business. I find this is a really effective way to find my ideal clients.

I say it’s the worst book I have ever written, but that’s just because it’s the first book I’ve ever written. Having said that, it is full of really useful distinctions that will deepen your understanding of leadership and it is an incredibly effective tool for almost everyone that reads it. But that’s just what I think.. Scroll down a bit further and you’ll see reviews from some of my readers.


Book Reviews

Some kind words from my respected clients

I didn’t realise how much I DON’T know about leadership even though I’ve been considered a leader for the last 9 years. This book simplified everything for me.

Paul F

Brilliant read. Full of relatable stories and clear distinctions. Must read for anyone in a leadership role wanting to be a more effective leader

Annica M

Total game changer. Thanks, Christian for sharing your fascinating personal journey and illuminating the path for me. I can’t wait to start implementing this asap.

Joel A



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