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Christian van den Bosch

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Over three decades of leadership privilege and development have taught me anyone can be an excellent leader. All it takes is passion for what you do and the willingness to invest in yourself.

My true passion for leadership emerged as a teenager and I have been nurturing and developing this passion ever since. Over the years my relationship with leadership has changed. I used to regard being a good leader as an objective, now I know good leadership is a means to an end… an extremely powerful and important means.

“Leadership truly is a privilege, and those who embrace this privilege will be able to lead better.”
– Christian van den Bosch

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I have the privilege to have led teams and organisations across the globe. I am proud to have positively influenced people in the corporate world as well as in the military, and I have grown from the honest relationships I have had with the people I have worked with. As a result, I am comfortable leading people to success in both suit-and-tie and boots-in-the-mud environments, and know how to form a lasting connection between them.

My leadership journey has been filled with successes, shortfalls, challenges and enjoyment. They were all learning opportunities, especially my successes. Along my journey, I came to realise the best learning comes from our successes, not our failures. Once I understood this, it changed how I saw leaders and leadership. Leaders’ purpose is not to lead, it is to achieve organisational success. Leadership is their tool.

Now I work with firms who are looking to be better, comprehensively. I enjoy working with committed leaders and their practices or firms to become better every day. It is truly a change of leadership mindset you will experience when working with me. Changing mindsets may sound daunting, but this does not have to be the case. We only work on matters you want to work on. Changing mindsets does not mean we start doing things you do not want to do; it means you get a new perspective on what you want. And face it, doing what you want to do is rewarding.

With a specific approach to business, leadership and change, I love coaching, advising and consulting ambitious clients. I will work with you and your firm to position, enable and develop the leaders you lead. I am a no-constraints-thinker, with true understanding of how to lead a team, business or firm, from vision to success. Your leadership will position you better as a business leader, make your firm more productive and efficient and it will give you the opportunity to enjoy more personal time away from work. The solutions we create together are appropriate for you, practically implementable and replicable.

From extensive personal experience, I am well-positioned to coach you through the most difficult times of leadership. I will be there with you through the hard times, setting you up for success. I will be committed to you, as you are committed to your organisation.

Understand. Own. Replicate.

Why Work With Me?

My biggest point of difference

I am independent, my unique personal qualities and life experiences are my main point of difference. I help my clients learn and adopt new approaches by work with what they already have. I will show you how to shift from technical delivery to business leadership, and find a balance which helps you, your firm, the people you lead and your clients.

This includes a strong commitment to learn and understand people and processes, an ability to genuinely connect and engage, loads of experience and a passion to help find new solutions to enhance business and people performance.

Find out more about me…

In my book ‘The Privilege of Leadership’ you will discover my unique perspective on leadership. You will learn about my journey to find colour, which I started as a black-and-white emerging leader. This book is full of important distinctions and simple solutions that will help you to fully understand, own and replicate your own leadership success.

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What My Clients Say

Some kind words from my respected clients

“Above & Beyond”

Christian is incredibly well versed in all styles of leadership and management and has delivered way above and beyond expectations. Since working with Christian we have noticed a significant increase in team cohesion and overall performance.

Jenny P

“Practical Advice”

Our firm has struggled with staff retention and client satisfaction for the last three years and we had no idea why. Christian saw the problem almost immediately and was able to give us some really easy and practical advice to get us back on track.

Matthew K

“I got a promotion!”

I have been working one on one with Christian for the last six months and have learned how to be a true leader in a style that suits me best. My boss has already recognised my new skills and just offered me a promotion. I’m so happy right now!

Maria G

Shift your focus and achieve your strategic objectives

Understand the link between performance and productivity and unlock massive qualitative and quantitative growth potential in your firm.

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  • Redefine performance and productivity, to increase profit margins.

  • Deliver excellence better

  • Enhance understanding and appreciation from your clients.

  • Reduce the day-to-day management of others
  • Create an incredible opportunity for exponential business growth.