“Success happens when you lead your leaders”

–  Christian van den Bosch  –

“Success happens when you lead your leaders”

–  Christian van den Bosch  –


As of 21 June, the Kindle version is availabe, the paperback version will be available soon.

This is a book about leadership experiences, development, failures and successes. It is not a text book about what leadership should look like, as this is different for everyone. This book sets out to challenge your ideas about your leadership and become more conscious about who you are as a leader and how you like to lead the people around you.

Common sense, humility, accountability and much more…


We are proud to announce we have been selected as the Marcus Evans partner for their HR summit in 2021. We are looking forward to working with great organisation to make them even better. As a prelude to the summit, we hosted this exciting panel discussion during our online event on 13 April 2021.


We are an organisational change and leadership development consultancy, located in Brisbane, Australia, working with organisations all over the world. Our passion for leading people, teams and organisations, through change, to lasting success resulted from discovering the privilege true leadership is.

Understanding who we work with is the starting point of our professional relationship. We do not offer solutions, we create solutions, together. The only way this is possible is by getting to know you, understanding your leadership challenges, change resistance and culture. Once we know you and your challenges, ambitions and vision, we are well positioned to support you to move up to the next level of people development, productivity and profit. The desired outcome is to turn change into comprehensive continuous improvement. The way we do that is through developing your leaders, present and future.

Leaders create simplicity and clarity for their people, our approach to working with you is identical. Our unique change positioning and leadership development are people performance focused. Both leaders and the people they lead will recognise the ‘privilege’ of working in a cohesive, mutually supportive atmosphere where trust and innovation can thrive.

Transformational and commercial change is a function of leadership and we work with you to position your leaders to own and radiate the change you require. We bring a framework of change preparation, change positioning, change ownership and change leadership to unlock efficient and successful change management in your organisation. Our approach has proved to render sustainable change and lasting success towards continuous improvement.

Our foundations lie in high-tempo and often high-pressure environments, based on leading teams and organisations through change, in testing and challenging circumstances. Our expertise is generated from a combination of academic development and commercial success. Our organisational change positioning and leadership development are tailored to your needs and ambitions, they will enable your organisation to be unique, successful and a place people want to work. Our services are high quality, simple to implement and replicable throughout your organisation. We work with your organisation, which means we adapt our services to best suit you. There is no ideal way of developing a generic successful leadership framework, there is only the best way for your organisation.


Our mission is to make leadership effective by strengthening the personal relations between leaders and those they lead. We change the mindset and behaviours of executive leaders and infect them with the passion for leadership. We build strong leaders, who can build leaders themselves. They become people focused leaders of their organisations, making their organisations self-developing, innovative and profitable, attracting talent, progressive clients and exceptional future leaders.


Leadership creates change, and change requires leadership. As such, we focus on change ownership of leaders and create an awareness of what change does to an organisation. We help leaders find their leadership strengths, we help them develop their leadership philosophy, styles and approaches, to be able to lead effectively in any situation.


Consulting, coaching and advisory are our methods. A profitable and continuously developing organisation is your outcome.

“Only by changing your organisation’s leadership mindset, you are truly in a position to progressively change your organisation.”

–  Christian van den Bosch  –


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