“Success happens when you lead your leaders”

–  Christian van den Bosch  –

“Success happens when you lead your leaders”

–  Christian van den Bosch  –


We are proud to announce we have been selected as the Marcus Evans partner for their HR summit in March 2021. We are looking forward to working with great organisation to make them even better. 

Read the interview with Marcus Evans below. 


CvdB consulting Pty Ltd is a leadership development and organisational design consultancy, located in Brisbane, Australia. We are well positioned to serve you, as our clients, and support you to move up to the next level of people development, productivity and profit.

Our unique performance focused leadership development programs are designed to help you create a value-based, supportive environment where both leaders and the people they lead will recognise the ‘privilege’ of working in a cohesive, mutually supportive atmosphere where trust and innovation can thrive and drive continuous improvement.

Our experience has its foundations in the military, based on leading teams and organisations in testing and challenging circumstances. Our expertise is generated from a combination of academic development and commercial success. Our leadership consultancy and development services are tailored to your needs and ambitions, they will enable your organisation to be unique, successful and a place people want to work.

We work with your organisation, which means we adapt our services to best suit your organisation. There is no ideal way of developing a generic successful leadership framework, there is only the best way for your organisation.


CvdB consulting Pty Ltd is a performance focused, leadership and organisational development company. We specialise in the interaction and mutual support of organisational, strategic and operational levels of leadership. The passion for leadership is based on the privilege experience true leaders have.


CvdB consulting Pty Ltd works with organisations, commercial and public, to not only enhance the overall performance of the organisation, but to infect leaders with experiencing the privilege of leadership and bring a new look to leadership in our organisations.


Our mission is to change the mindset and behaviours of executive leaders and infect them with the passion for leadership. We will lead our clients to success, for them to become true leaders of their organisations, and their organisations to become self-developing, innovative and profitable, attracting talent, progressive clients and exceptional future leaders.


A combination of commercial and military leadership and organisational change leadership experiences, in combination with astute commercial acumen and stakeholder engagement skills, have provided insights into what matters to people and what makes them want to give their best.

Leadership is about change, and as such, we focus on change ownership of leaders and creating an awareness of what change does to an organisation. We help leaders find their leadership strengths and weaknesses, we help them develop their leadership philosophy., styles and approaches, to be able to lead effectively in any situation. 

We will show you how to create an atmosphere positioning you and your organisation to advance in your industry, to become a self-developing organisation, plan for success, attract quality professionals and talent, learn to efficiently delegate and enjoy work.

Our services will be tailored specifically to you and your organisation. As every organisation is unique, so are our services.


Bringing value to other organisations is our passion and we acknowledge best value can be brought through delivering and growing  with likeminded partners. 

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“Only by changing your organisation’s leadership mindset, you are truly in a position to progressively change your organisation.”

–  Christian van den Bosch  –


Over three decades of leadership privilege and development have brought me where I am today. My true passion for leadership emerged as a child and I have been nurturing and developing this passion ever since. Having worked and led people and organisations across the globe, I have had the privilege to lead in the military and the corporate world. I have led people to success in both suit and tie and boots in the mud environments, both in the military as in the corporate world.


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