About Christian van den Bosch

About Christian van den Bosch


“Leadership truly is a privilege, and those who embrace this privilege will be able to lead better.”

Christian van den Bosch


Over three decades of leadership privilege and development have brought me where I am today. My true passion for leadership emerged as a child and I have been nurturing and developing this passion ever since. Having worked and led people and organisations across the globe, I have had the privilege to lead in the military and the corporate world. I have led people to success in both suit and tie and boots in the mud environments, both in the military and in the corporate world.

My leadership journey has been filled with successes, challenges, learning opportunities and enjoyment. The ability to positively influence leaders and professionals by changing their mindsets is based on a passion to lead and develop people. I have learned to understand anyone can be an excellent leader, it does not only rely on nature or nurture, it requires passion. Passion is your never-ending propellant. It is not nature or nurture which will help you through the tough times of leadership, it is passion which will give you the drive and energy to push through. Based on this principle, I have been able to influence every organisation I have been part of positively. I have done so by promoting supportive leadership, communication, stakeholder engagements and personal involvement.

With a specific approach to change leadership, I love coaching and consulting ambitious clients. I will work with you and your organisation to position, enable and develop the leaders you lead. I am a no-constraints-thinker, with true understanding of how to lead an organisation from vision to success.

It is truly a change of leadership mindset you will experience when working with me. This change of mindset will position you better as an organisational leader, make your organisation more productive and efficient and it will give you the opportunity to enjoy more personal time away from work. The solutions we create together are appropriate for you, practically implementable and replicable. 

From extensive personal experience, I am well-positioned to coach you through the most difficult times of leadership. I will be there with you through the hard times, setting you up for success. I will be committed to you, as you are committed to your organisation.

Understand – own – replicate


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