Should we really rely on HR to spot our talent?

Too often great candidates do not make it past the gatekeeper, that first selection on a recruiter’s desk.

They end up in the NO-pile and receive a polite and impersonal automated email, often stating ‘they have been carefully considered’, even if they receive that response within an hour after applying. Frustrating for the potential candidates, but even more frustrating for our organisations. Progressive organisations miss out on true diversity, because of conformity and compliance checks at the gate.

Leaders take ownership of your talent acquisition. Talent does not conform with job specification, that is why they are talent! Talent is different and should be treated as such.

Do not expect to attract true talent by using the same selection procedures as you use for other positions. Let HR look after conforming and compliant candidates, but business leaders need to identify their talent themselves. Relying on HR will see you miss out.

Investing in your business, starts with investing time in finding talent. Perhaps you should grab that NO-pile and familiarise yourself with the talent that is rejected by the gatekeepers.

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