Performance management in your organisation drives success

This is a wrong performance mindset!

“We need to performance manage this employee out the door”. How often have you heard this phrase? Performance management is often seen as an HR activity which occurs when managers wish to discontinue with a certain employee. This is a wrong performance mindset!

Performance management is a function of leadership to ensure your organisation performs to its ultimate ability. Bringing this down to the personal level, every leader should have a performance management plan with every direct report. Managing performance is not an activity in hindsight to deal with poor performance, it is a plan established by the leader and employee on how to develop the employees performance over a foreseeable period of time.

Quite often the best performing employees require the most performance management efforts. These exceptional employees need to be provided opportunities and challenged commensurate with the growth in performance they display.

Leaders need to get more involved with planning and developing individual and organisational performance. True performance management prevents poor performance, it is proactive, not reactive.

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