Leadership is not about nature, it is not about nurture either

Our level of performance is often ascribed to nature or nurture.

They tell us in what matter we are predisposed to perform well or in what matter have we been brought up in an environment where our skills have been developed and supported.

When it comes to leadership, nature and nurture are not completely irrelevant, but they are highly overrated. They may assist key leadership traits as confidence, ability to establish relationships and ability to communicate, and therefore they do have some use.

From decades of leadership experience, I can truly say nature and nurture are not overly relevant. I am a natural leader, leadership is in my genes. I have also been trained and educated in leadership and management by the best. From this frame of reference, I should be an excellent leader.

When the going gets tough, when you are truly tested as a leader, I have found nature and nurture to be of little importance. It was not my genetic predisposition or my training and development which got me successfully through it. They helped, but… it was my passion for leadership that made me successfully overcome the biggest challenges. Passion is a never-ending propellent and without it, you will be lost. Your car can be the best designed car in the world, with the strongest engine, but if you have no fuel, you are not moving in any significant way.

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