Vision to success planning

Vision to success planning


“Success happens when you lead your leaders.”

Christian van den Bosch


Many organisations formulate a vision, envisaging where the organisation will be in a set period of time. In reality, this vision is often shelved, remaining a potentially inspirational, but hollow phrase. The pathway to success can be joyful one, but only when the conditions are set accordingly. Your leadership will set these conditions and we will plan for success to make your organisation’s vision a reality.

Together, we will start with your organisation’s identity and purpose to validate your vision. Once the vision is not only clear, but assessed as achievable we move onwards to position your strategic and operational leaders to work hand-in-hand with operational managers to bring the envisaged success. You will experience success happens when you lead your leaders.

Not only will we work with your leader and managers on how to formulate success and develop a pathway to success, we will learn your staff how to delegate efficiently, based on mutual expectations and sound communication.

Setting your staff up for success is not about being supportive or having fall-back options, even though you are encouraged to have these, the best way to set you organisation up for success is to eliminate obstacles on the pathway to success. Your leaders and managers will undergo a mindset change from directing to facilitating, moving from pushing to clearing the way.


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