Organisational efficiency

Organisational efficiency


“Success happens when you lead your leaders.”

Christian van den Bosch

Organisational efficiency goes beyond having efficient systems and procedures. Having excellent tools is important, but more important than having the tools, is having the people who know how to use them, and have the willingness to use these tools.

Did you know your organisational vision applies to no one in your organisation? It only applies to your organisation as a whole. Many organisational leaders struggle as they try to get every individual and every team to work towards an organisational vision. The vision is important, but will only achieve results if leaders know how to translate this vision appropriately to every team and individual.

Leaders are responsible for people efficiencies in their organisations. These efficiencies start with decision making; decisions need to made right. Focusing on making decisions right, significantly increases the chance of making the right decisions. One of the main parts of decision making is making sure decisions are made at the lowest, most appropriate level.

Many organisations are restricted by their own delegations of authority, decisions are often made too far from the source and the time required for decisions to made, can have a serious impact on momentum. We work with you to redefine your delegations of authority, bringing the authority to make decisions to a lower level. If only it were that simple though, changing the delegations of authority is only possible in an environment where leader’s first priority is to lead their leaders. Initially time and effort need to be invested to position leaders at lower level to make decisions right, this time is easily won back by the gained efficiencies in the organisation.

Together we build a plan, and then we will work together to make you and your leaders successful. Through simplicity, you will be able to spend more time leading your organisation, instead of being involved in decisions which should have never been escalated to you.


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