Organisational change

Organisational change


“If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.”

― Jack Welch ―


Your organisation will be under continuous development, ensuring you meet today’s objectives whilst preparing for future success. Often this is seen as a balancing act, focusing on one or the other. Being proactive in your organisational development will enable your organisation to deliver today’s successes concurrently to developing for future successes.

Have you formulated a vision, envisaging where your organisation will be in a set period of time? Is this vision part of your everyday operations and development, or has it been shelved, remaining a potentially inspirational, but non-productive phrase? The foundation to success lies in translating your vision into plans and subsequent achievable actions. The pathway to success can be a joyful one and, when travelled well, will lead to a new or revised vision; a cycle based on continuous improvement.

We can assist you in changing the way your organisation uses its vision to become meaningful at all levels and inspires the right mindsets and behaviours. We will help you adopt continuous improvement in everyday operations, making sure your operations are safer and more efficient tomorrow. Continuous improvement does include radical changes and big plans, but it focuses around evaluation, learning, communication and implementation. We will develop a framework with you on how to acquire, share and implement improvements, knowledge and expertise, changing the way your organisation learns and develops.

Your staff involvement in continuous improvement and innovation is a directly linked to your ability to eliminate obstacles on their pathway to success. A clear pathway will stimulate unrestricted thinking and exploration. We will work with your leader and managers on how to formulate success and develop a pathway to success, we will learn your staff how to delegate efficiently, based on mutual expectations and sound communication. Your leaders and managers will undergo a mindset change from directing to facilitating, moving from pushing to clearing the way.


We take the ambiguity and uncertainty out of your change. Organisational change can be predictable and efficient, and together we can prepare and position your organisation for successful change implementation and management. 

People resist change, not because they do not like the unknown, but because they do not like ambiguity and uncertainty. A sound preparation will create a healthy posture for your workforce and organisation. We will help you create clarity to set mutual expectations, and clear communication principles.

A strong correlation exists between leadership and change: change requires leadership, leadership creates change. Whether your change is proactive or reactive, transformational or development, evolution or revolution, it requires a synchronised effort from leaders and managers. We will work with your senior leaders to own the change before the change implementation occurs. We will position them to proactively work with change managers to guide the process and for the link between change progress and their people.

An organisation with a strong posture is equipped to deal with setbacks proactively and knows how to identify and exploit opportunities in the change process. We can assist you to design or review your change plan and ensure you change focuses on your people, as they need to carry the change into the future. We will prepare your leaders for the change and involve your people as much as practical. We focus on creating change ownership among your leaders and change appetite among your people. We help you build acceptance, resilience and clarity, essential ingredients to a successful change journey.

Our services will be capability centric, to ensure you have and develop capabilities, to be part in determining what the future will look like, instead of reacting to it.


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