Leadership development and coaching

Leadership development and coaching


“Only by changing your leadership mindset, you will be in a position to effectively change your organisation.”

Christian van den Bosch


The performance and overall success of your organisation is a direct result of your organisation’s leadership framework and culture. Only by changing your leadership mindset, you will be in a position to effectively change your organisation.

Together, we will identify development, growth and efficiency opportunities in your organisation. With your passion for leadership, and our support and expertise, we will establish a leadership framework, transitioning you from your current organisation to your required and desired future organisation. The framework will be based on your vision, your leaders, your market and your competition.

A comprehensive review of your organisation, will lead to identified sustains and improves. Your framework will set you up to successfully introduce a renewed leadership mindset, providing performance focused guidance and direction to management processes and procedures. The focus, however, will be on your organisation’s current successes and competencies, we will work from a success anchor point to ensure success is not the objective, it is your starting point.

To ensure your foundations are solid, your organisation’s vision will need to be nested in in your identity and purpose. Only then, your vision will have sufficient content to drive success.

Leadership coaching: Ambitious and driven, you may be heading for the top, or maybe you are already there.  You can always use a coach, no matter what your personal and organisational levels of performance and success currently are.

Leadership coaching is a process to improve performance and focus on the day-to-day circumstances in order to achieve a personal goal. Effective coaching facilitates learning. Fundamentally, a coach helps a person improve their performance comprehensively. Coaching involves the belief people have the answers to their own questions within them, if often requires an objective knowledgeable coach to help them uncover the answers.

Work with us on a personal basis, to continue to develop you as a leader, in all aspects of your life. We will develop a coaching plan, specific to suit your ambitions and objectives in your professional and personal lives.

Leadership coaching will be about you, where leadership consulting will focus on the performance of your organisation. The services can be provided concurrently, but are separate services.


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